A few things about me…

1. I’m obsessed with lists…
2. I photograph peeps in love, amazing weddings, big bellies, and families in their happy place.
3. I’m a little obsessed with instagram.
4. I’ve just started practicing yoga…
5. I am not married… I’ve a hairy man who I love to the moon and back, and going to gigs is our candle lit dinner.
6. We have two little girls who are hilarious, and we schedule in a daily dose of tickle time… everyone should schedule this into their routine.
7. Friends I love coming over for dinner and wine makes me feel so happy, and so grateful, and so at home.
8. It’s now tradition that we host a murder mystery party ever New Year’s Eve. They are awesome.
9. My two best friends married each other and moved to Denmark, it makes me sad they are so far away. We dream about me moving over, I would if we could, but it’s not going to happen.
10. My real dream is shared with the hairy man… one day we are going to go on a massive adventure around America, he is planning all the country folk we will see and I’m going to document it all with my camera.
11. In the olden days I use to work as a script girl in tv, I always wanted to be a director so was constantly scheming away on my own little scripts and short films.
12. One day I want to start shooting moving image as well as stills… I’d love that..
13. It’s on the to-do list.

Don’t be shy, just drop me a line and tell me more about you xxx